En av verdens beste hårtransplantasjonsklinikker kommer til Oslo 11-12 juni

En tråd i 'Poster fra klinikker' startet av Hasson&Wong kunde, 12 Mai 2017.

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    [​IMG] Hasson & Wong Upcoming Free Consultations – New city: OLSO/see impressive result
    A professional Hasson & Wong Patient Advisor will be in Oslo Norway for free hair restoration consultations:

    Oslo: June 11-12

    See the representative’s result here:

    Dr. Wong/ 5328 grafts/FUT/full coverage/new rep - Forum By and for Hair Loss Patients

    Book an appointment by calling 1.800.859.2266 Toll Free or emailing us at info@hassonandwong.com.
    You can also book directly from our site: https://hassonandwong.com/consultations-in-your-city/
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