Hasson&Wong - Gratis uforpliktende konsultasjon i Oslo 5-6 November

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    Hei alle sammen!

    Jeg kommer igjen til å holde konsultasjoner for nye og eksisterende kunder i Oslo 5 og 6 November.
    Etter at vi har fått mange henvendelser har vi bestemt å sette av 2 dager til konsultasjoner.

    Hvis du er interessert i en konsultasjon kan du registrere deg her:
    eller ta kontakt med meg direkte her:

    Ønsker du mer informasjon om Hasson and Wong så kan du ta en titt her:


    Ser frem til å møte deg!

    Med vennlig hilsen,

    Thomas M. Angellsen
    (Tidligere pasient og rådgiver for Hasson and Wong)
    Her kan du lese min hårtransplantasjon historie : https://hassonandwong.com/hair-transplant-story/
    Suite 600-1001 West Broadway
    Vancouver BC - Canada

    P.S. Under kan du se hva som vil bli gått

    Agenda for the Consultation in Oslo November 5-6th

    1.Talk you through our procedures at Hasson and Wong and if a candidate, discuss which method may be best suited for you.
    2. Answer any questions that you have regarding the procedure including pre and post op.
    3.Assess your situation, discuss your expectations and give you my thoughts on what may be possible. I will also take clear photos to be evaluated by doctors Hasson and Wong to get their recommendation in your particular case if necessary.
    As a former patient of Hasson & Wong, you will be able to see in person my result and get an idea of what a high quality hair transplant can look like.
    Please email me directly to confirm that you would like to schedule an appointment to see me in Oslo. Email: thomas@hassonandwong.com.
    Please let me know which day you would like to come and your approximate preferred time.
    If you’d would like a preview of whether you appear to be a good candidate and what may be possible, Upload your photos through the Online Consultation from here: http://www.hassonandwong.com/consultation/hair-transplant-consultation-online.php . Make sure you include shots of the front, back sides and top. Make sure they are clear, in good lighting and taken without a flash.
    Make sure you indict in the Describe your restoration goalssection you are scheduled to see me in Oslo.
    If you’d like to provide additional information before your visit, you may answer the following questions if you have the time, otherwise we can further discuss at the time of your visit.
    First name: Last name:Telephone:
    What is your hair loss history?
    Have you had a hair transplant in the past?
    If yes, how many procedures and how many grafts: ?
    Are you taking Propecia/Finasteride?
    Are you taking Rogaine/Minoxidil?
    Have you been trying/taking other kinds of treatments/supplements/medication:
    If Yes: Explain briefly:
    Expectations from procedure:
    Approximate date you would prefer to have your procedure?:
    How did you hear about Hasson & Wong?
    The consultation will last up to 45 minutes maximum and are strictly by appointment. If you arrive late to the consultation then your appointment will be shorter as to not keep the next person waiting.
    Please note that all hair restoration procedures are performed in Vancouver, BC Canada. Only a consultation is available in Oslo. The consultations are with myself, a Hasson and Wong advisor and former patient. If necessary, the doctors will further review your case and photos for a more detailed recommendation that will be emailed to you. Please arrive at the consultation with at least 10mm of hair growth if possible and no product or concealers in your hair.
    For your information, Hasson & Wong offer both the FUE and FUT methods of extraction for our hair transplant procedures.
    I look forward to meet you in Oslo!

    Kind regards,

    Thomas M. Angellsen
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